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Camel Activate

iPad Application

For our client JT International we created an iPad application to support Camel Activate launch. The app was designed for 1-2-1 communication mainly in music clubs. It contains a game and a hostess interface for keeping data about players and gifts the hostess gives out.

Tomas Bata University


Complete responsibility for PR of the international fashion designer's competition B'Fashion in Zlin. Preparing PR plan, managing the PR team, responsible for media partnership

Exclusive Magazine

iPad Application

For DW Publishing we created an iOS and Android application for Night & Day magazine. Night & Day is a tourist guide distributed in big cities.

O2 Sponsoring & Events

PR & marketing communication strategy

Complete responsibility for Public Relations of O2 activation and sponsoring projects (media relations, community relations). Building a new festival brand in Czech Republic (O2 Open Air Festival) - in two years O2 Open Air Festival became number 2 in Czech festival market.


iOS, Android Application

For the third largest electricity supplier in the Czech Republic PRE Group we designed a sophisticated application which provides the PRE’s clients with information about tariff changes plan according to which they can create or adjust their own energy consumption plan (washing, ironing etc.). The app was made to support ecologically and economically responsible households. The application is available both for iOS in App Store and Android in Google Play.

Corny viral (online) videos

Scriptwriting, idea making, copywriting

Idea making and script writing for series of online viral video spots.

Fashion Days Pop Up

Viral, social media, guerilla marketing

Communication strategy for key event of Fashion Days (the biggest Czech online shopping club), key visuals, photo production, viral videos, guerilla marketing campaign in major Czech cities.


O2 Prague Stock Exchange Seat Volkswagen Japan Tobacco International Intel DW Publishing
We are
We are not an agency.

We are a hub, a virtual hub that strives to eliminate physical and cultural boundaries through the celebration of creative interaction. Architected upon the digital nature of our youth and versatility of our backgrounds, Klichē Killers symbolizes international collaboration. Our experiences span industry sectors as our members span the globe and worldwide references blazon our portfolios.

Prompted by our multinationality, we endeavour to perfect the price-to-performance ratio and offer the unparalleled. We do not serve the salt water of bureaucracy, but rather coalesce that which is fresh into collaborative evolution and global branding. We possess passports of unique talents, allowing us entrance into local and ecumenical markets alike.

We provide

Products and Services


Global Branding

By collating our experiences and resources, we differentiate local brands with a little global inspiration while simultaneously offering to guide them towards international awareness.  Whether your brand is staying local or traveling abroad, we deliver the undercover work and the clean execution.

  • brand development (identity, design and strategy)
  • creative strategy
  • marketing strategy
  • guerilla marketing
  • intercultural marketing solutions
Public Relations

Across local and international publics alike, we secure brands’ identities and reputations by monitoring publicized information.  From external to internal, communication remains selective and effective.

  • media relations
  • internal communication
  • event coordination


Content Strategy

Our tactics assure clients that information is assembled and released publicly by coherent and enticing means.  Quality-targeted and organized, our global creatives streamline brands’ content strategies across digital, social and even national borders.

  • writing, editing and curation
  • content management systems
  • mobile content strategy
  • social content strategy
Social Media

We exhibit precision and courage.  The former represents our ability to guard brands’ communities by solidifying existing connections and forging new ones.  The latter signifies an ethics of igniting brands’ target audiences into vigilant states of participation and dissemination.

  • brand integration
  • creative design
  • content strategy
  • layout and optimization
  • profile administration
  • application design and programming
  • social-to-web links (social buttons, Facebook open graph application shares, open graph meta tags)
  • channels: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Google+
Digital Marketing

Alert and analytic, our assassins monitor digital progress to expertly architect online strategy.  With international allies and technological propellers, we plant our brands’ marketing across the digital realm and--effectually--across the globe.
digital analytics

  • SEO and SEM (technical SEO optimization, PageRank and EdgeRank optimization, linkbuilding)
  • PPC campaign management (AdWords)
  • banner campaign management
  • e-mailing
  • creative solutions for digital marketing
  • remarketing and retargeting

Our audiovisuals symbolize the iconic personalities of our clients’ brands.  These intriguing aesthetics harness the eyes and ears and remain evidence of the worldwide influence of striking illustration.

  • video production (television, online and viral videos)
  • photography
  • 3D rendering


Graphic Design

Design facilitates accuracy and movement.  Triggering identification and interaction, our designs are blueprints for lucrative communication between brand and follower.

  • corporate identity design
  • key campaign visuals
  • web and mobile interface design
  • application interface design
  • DTP





  • design and development
  • e-commerce (e-shop)
  • mobile websites
  • user interface and user experience consulting

Mobile applications

  • design and programing
  • native Android and iOS
  • phone gap (HTML 5) for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8

Global Taskforce

Our potency and stability are derived from the collection of talents that we represent. Our founders are backed by developers, marketing professionals and branding creatives--a network of international cooperatives that breeds revolutionary ideas.

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